Experience of Love…in Sicily!

Sicily is a rich land. It offers all kinds of beauty to the man who knows how to “discover” it through all five senses. There are many “dream” locations that can act as a suggestive setting for your special day, the important thing is to always follow the “fil rouge” of your theme and contextualize it. Whether it’s the splendid Sicilian countryside, or the romantic coasts, when the sunset kisses Sicily… ..and immediately magic! So, if you are planning to get married in this wonderful land, steeped in myth, art and scenic beauty, our complete wedding planning service is ideal to make sure you find the best possible location and find the most suitable suppliers for your requests. . Furthermore, we take care not only of organizing a dream wedding, but, to tell you a real experience of “luxury and relaxation”, to share with the important people of your life, you will savor days of real vacation, among breathtaking scenery, good food … and lots of fun!


Let yourself be inspired…

Arab-Norman Sicily

Western Sicily, capable of giving the multifaceted result of two deeply distant and opposite cultures, “austere” like the Norman descent and “warm” like Berber blood … the cradle of this miscellany is Palermo, a city of eternal and regal charm , colorful, lively … allows you to come into deep contact with “authentic” Sicily, with the wonders and contradictions of this land.
And then again Trapani, Cefalù, Scopello, Marsala …. with its suggestive salt pans and mills, so romantic and fascinating! urban landscapes rich in folklore and culture and, just as much beauty in the breathtaking coastal landscapes!


credit photo:  Andrea Savi, Salvatore Cimino, Giuseppe Santanastasio, Maria Gambino

Greek and Baroque Sicily

The Val di Noto is located in eastern Sicily and is part of the Unesco “World Heritage” sites. It is particularly appreciated by foreign tourism for the beauty of the cities of the late Baroque: Noto, Caltagirone, Catania, Syracuse, Taormina, Modica, Scicli, Ibla … authentic pearls, rich in history, art, culture … which offer suggestive scenarios for weddings “gorgeous” and exclusive.


credit photo : Giuseppe Santanastasio, Deborah Lo Castro, Marcello Bianca

Elopement of love in the Islands

Many couples ask us for an original and intimate idea for their “love elopement” . Elopement in Sicily can be the day dedicated to love, intimate and suggestive … to share with loved ones, perhaps to renew promises of wedding or second wedding.
The ideal destination for elopement in Sicily are the Mediterranean islands with their suggestive charm … which offer an authentic “luxurious” and … magical experience.
The Aeolian Islands: Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi … the seven islands narrated even in the Greek myth, and
the Egadi Islands:  Favignana, Marettimo, Levanzo … breathtaking landscapes steeped in history and charm. Authentic pearls, on the sea, which will captivate you not only for the scenic beauty but also for the typical food and wine specialties.


credit photo: Effecreazioni Event

” Tonnare “: Sicilian History

An important page of the Sicilian maritime tradition was written by the tonnare.
Slaughtering, a typical tuna fishing, has always had the characteristics of a ritual. A practice of ancient origin, perfected on a large scale with the advent of the Arabs, who handed down to us the figure of the “Rais”. (“Lord” of the Tonnara).
All the Sicilian Tonnare were owned by the Sicilian aristocracy, from the Florio, to the princes of Villadorata … today, some of them, such as the suggestive Tonnara di Scopello and the Tonnara di Marzamemi are splendid places to have an authentic “made in Sicily ” wedding…and, to breathe ancient traditions.


credit photo : Rosita Lipari, Luca Morreale

Wine Cellars and Island Traditions

Always a land rich in flavors, customs and traditions, Sicily is the largest region in Italy and the result is a varied culture that embraces heterogeneous flavors and ways of doing things.
Whatever your idea of ​​a wedding in Sicily, you will have the opportunity to choose all the scenarios that nature offers, rocks and sea landscapes, gentle and green hills but also characteristic mountain places where you can offer local products with strong and rustic flavors ….one for all? The Vineyards!
the wedding in the vineyard, an authentic “sensorial” experience to be lived, enjoying not only the picturesque landscapes .. but also the eno-gastronomic excellence of the territory.


credit photo: Effecreazioni Event